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We believe that the Internet's greatest asset is its interactivity. It provides everyday people with a way to express themselves to thousands of other everyday people all over the world. It is nothing like television or radio - it has greater potential than either of those two mediums could ever have. It allows us to sample a greater range of opinion than ever before, to expose ourselves to ideas and people that we'd never encounter in our neighborhoods. And it lets us share ourselves - our thoughts, our lives, our feelings.

We wanted to make a place where you could express your views and share your stories, because everyone has views and stories to share. Knowledge and insight isn't the exclusive domain of whoever happens to own the newspapers or the publishing houses, and some of the greatest writers and thinkers have yet to be published.

We've been surfing the Internet and reading newsgroups for years, and before that we visited BBS's. We've always been fans of good writing and clear thinking. Brighty is a place for opinions and ideas, for discussions and argument, for art and commentary. It's our place, but mostly it's your place. Take advantage of it - send us your opinion pieces, your book and movie reviews, your short stories. Throw your weight around. Tell the world the truth as YOU see it. Enlighten everyone, and in turn be enlightened by what others have to share.

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome.